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Meet the Little Fox

Composer | Producer

Tim - The Little Music Fox, is a composer and music producer from the Netherlands.

He's currently a music student at the University of the Arts Utrecht, where he studies Composition for the Media.

Starting with playing the piano at the age of 4, music has always been his main passion. He quickly started to compose his own small pieces and when he got his first laptop, the first digital compositions started developing.

Driven by his love for Disney, Pixar and other animation studio's, his music mainly followed the orchestral instrumentation; often in a more "cute",  light-hearted style.

Later his style started developing towards more digital 8-bit songs, while style maintaining the "cute" style.

Nowadays he enjoys making pieces in both styles.

Besides his main instrument piano, he plays guitar, bass-guitar, drums, ukelele, double bass, cello and small percussion, which he sometimes uses in his pieces, even though his main producing style is Digital Orchestration.

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